How to set up a PTR-record on shared hosting account? (to avoid my emails going into "Spam")


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I have a website hosted on one of HH's shared servers. Now I'm planning to start using PHPList (mailing script) for sending newsletters to registered users.

So I started reading about that and found that correctly set PTR record is important for proper delivery of my e-mails (avoiding spam filters).

Currently my PTR-record is:	IN	PTR

Can I make it more "personal" (e.g. include my domain name) if I'm on shared server?

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Thanks, Brian. This is what I actually thought, but decided to make sure and ask here.

So, if I can't set PTR-record, what else I can do to protect my newsletters from going into 'Spam'?

Should I add the SPF-record (TXT), which allows to send emails on behalf of my domain?

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Login to cPanel and go to the 'Email Authentication' section -- from here you can configure DomainKeys and SPF records for your domains, this will assist in verifying the authenticity of any email sent from your domain :)


I have added SPF record manually (wasn't that hard) and enabled DomainKeys in cPanel.

Although the DomainKeys section displays a strange warning, emails sent by phpList, are shown as DK signed in Gmail and Yahoo :)

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