Which way of payment is better for YOU: credit card or Paypal?


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My credit card has expired recently, so it was removed from payment profile and now I have to set up a new payment method.

So I decided to add my 2 cents of appreciation of your business and ask before paying my invoice: which way of payment is better FOR YOU?

(lower fees, less hassle to withdraw, etc...)

Credit card or Paypal?

I can use any of them :)

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It doesn't matter the fees are nearly identical. Whatever is easier for you to deal with. One thing to keep in mind some credit cards have started assessing fees from our charges if you're not based in our country (Canada). So you may want to keep that in mind if your card did that last time or possibly has changed it's policy.

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OK, thanks. Just added my credit card to the profile, as it was before expiry.

Unfortunately I'm far away from Canada, but my credit card company/bank doesn't charge any extras (I have seen here your notice about that before).

I'm paying with MasterCard, linked to the non-US$ bank account.

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