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How about setting up VPS specifically for MySQL containers.

This will help database intensive aplications or very busy database driven websites, with the advantages of the powerfull and higly tunned shared web servers but whithout the risk of running out of resources due to heavy database activity also increasing scalability an reliability for big websites.

This containers should be:

- specialy tunned for MySQL performance.

- easily deployable.

- accessible via private network.

- surpass shared hosting account capacity for querys.

This concept will also work for load balancing proxy containers and php accelerator containers.


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Thanks for the suggestion! This is an idea we've thrown around for a while now actually. It's one of those features which we know would be good to offer and would most likely be a great option for some users, it just hasn't come to the forefront as a project which we *have* to push out within, say, 3 months. We definitely have intentions on offering this at some point, but I'd be lying if I put a timestamp on it or made any guarantees.

As a client, what would you be willing to pay for a service like this? Would $10/mo for a dedicated, remote and optimized MySQL server be a fair price? Should it be more, less? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on pricing for this from the customers perspective.

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I think pricing should be based on resource allocation, pretty much like you do with actual VPS.

As for a starting price, 10 a month sounds about right considering this boxes will not be using any public bandwith.

If my website were on the edge of having to migrate to a 60 dollar VPS I would probably pay the extra 10 a month instead.

And may be the next step will be to buy a Proxy container or may be I need to run a very long process or a daemon to implement something on my website.

What I'm saying is that integrating VPS and shared hosting in a more symbiotic manner may lead to a whole new level of service between shared hosting and fully managed expensive VPS.

I think you should consider the posibility of integrating this functionality over your existing VPS infraestructure, it might not be too dificult to achieve.

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All very good points! We are in the process of doing a major re-work on what we bring to the table with VPS plans, and that includes writing our own VPS control panel. Once that is rolled out and everything is working there, it opens a lot of doors on what we can potentially do along the lines of our VPS plans. I'm going to re-open the discussion for the remote / dedicated MySQL instances with the other staff and see what ideas are thrown around.

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