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Where is customer service? I've tried for days to communicate with someone through chat but they are constantly offline. I left a message last Friday but have yet to receive a return call? Is Hawk Host not taking new customers? (That's a joke people.) I guess I could send an email, but it's one of those things were an answer will lead to additional questions and I don't want to go back-and-forth, back-and-forth through email...

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Sorry about the lack of availability on chat -- we're finishing up some training of new staff and our usual operators are working with the new employees to get them up to speed. You did mention email and it really is the most efficient way to communicate with us. Our helpdesk is staffed 24/7 so you'll receive a prompt reply if you do go that route.

As far as the phone goes I did check with our staff who answers the phone and showed them this. They could think of one voicemail which they did return the call for and said they were sent straight to voicemail after trying to call twice. I'm not sure if that's you but it could be.

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