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Hi everyone,

I'm new to cpanel and I'm not sure if what I did earlier is exactly what I must do.

Is it possible to forward all email sent to [email protected] (my domain) to my gmail account?

I don't really want to use webmail. I don't want to keep any mail sent to [email protected], I just want to create a forward rule.

What I did in cpanel :

1- Create email account [email protected]

2- Create a Forwarder to my gmail account for [email protected]

I did a quick test after creating the forwarder and I did not receive the email. Maybe there is some kind of delay...

Email was sent 1 hour ago.

thanks for your help.


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What I'd advise doing is making an email account then using gmails option to check pop3 email accounts. The reason being is otherwise all forwarded spam they consider potentially spam from the server you're on which is not good. The pop3 method is much better as it'll just filter it like they filter the email sent directly to your gmail account.

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