Server too slow !


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Hi !

not anymore going to waste my time sending a tickets.

finally I have to agree with all people who complains about my server upload speed, most of the time they are getting time out, and I went to test my sites in many server testing it was too law, even some of them gives me time out !

I have T3 Speed with 24 MB ! and still I hardly upload some scripts !

else some script they are uploaded corrupted, then I have to re - upload them.

Today, I had like always to take care of my customers uploads, they put it somewhere online and I download it and re upload it using my T3 internet which gives me result as I see it right now; files = 23 MB, speed transfer varies between 3 KB till 10 KB/s and in some lucky moment it jump to 24 B/s ... and it goes down below 1 KB ...

I am not going to waste my time more and more, this is my 10 nth company I am trying... but it is just same as others but more expansive !

Remember, I will ask for a refund for the rest of months, starting from the next month,

(I hope you keep this thread here that others knows before they buy your service, else I am not going to post this some other places, but I will spread it in all the hosting reviews when this one is deleted!)

Regards !

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You're in Europe and having issues with our Texas location you should make a ticket asking to be moved to Washington DC which is much closer to Europe.

Link to the topic:

You can be moved free of charge and we've had a few customers in Europe already do this.

You need to understand the issue you are describing only you have reported and we have customers from all over Europe. Not a single one has had slow speeds like yours. You say we're the 10th company you've tried with this issue. Is it not possible your ISP is throttling your upload?

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