spam attacks common?


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Hi. I was just wondering if attacks are getting worse as time goes by. I've heard of people who have had attackers report their IP to spamhaus or by inserting the target's ip and other identifying info into spam emails. After a week or two of this the target gets shut down by their provider. I'm only learning of this today and I'm not saying it's happening to me, but if it does, please don't proclaim me guilty until proven innocent... I read about it on this blog, , and I don't know how much validity there is in it but was wondering if it's a common occurrence around these parts. Scroll down to the part that deals with How to take down a competitor's website...

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I wouldn't be concerned, here's a few reasons.

Spamcop analyzes the full headers to determine where the spam is actually originating from. Namely, all this spam would need to originate from your web server or there would need to be hundreds of modified reports.

Most spam doesn't originate from a webhost's server. Most is generated by consumer PCs that has been infected with malware and the owner doesn't know its being used for spam. Not a webhost server.

Webhosts today can usually track the amount of mail being sent by a server and can determine whether or not a server is actually being used for spam purposes versus legitimate mailing.

This isn't to say that such a scheme wouldn't work, I'm sure some large webhosts would immediately terminate accounts. But you would be more likely to get an account suspended for DCMA violations than a spam alert.

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