Strategy for Backups to Remote Location?


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My Hawkhost hosted website is slowly coming together, it is good.

I'm working on a PHP script with customer data stored in mySQL as well as some custom logs files ... and I'm looking to do backups.

I've developed the site on my own local box and transferred to hawkhost so I'm not worried about the HTML, PHP, etc ... but data (mysql and log files) is the issue.

I know that hawkhost does the R1Soft backups (nightly?) for the last 7 days but I really want the data on my own machine.

I am looking for suggestions on how to do an automated off site backup:

  1. remote login to my hawkhost account, sqldump the database then download to my machine OR
  2. cron job to sqldump the database then ??? to ??? (dropbox or ???) OR
  3. something else?

A downside to #2 is that if somebody hacks my account/website then they may be able to hack my backup location and destroy my data .. not good.

I would really like it so I can drop the data into mysql on my local machine and peruse the live data offline (just in case) ... aka; not have the backup file in some "proprietary" compressed format that requires me to upload back to hawkhost, etc to restore the data

Any suggestions on which item above (or others) and the next level of details (my "work" machines are Windows based) ... would be greatly appreciated.



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The cPanel backups that are generated are just organized archives. They can be opened with any unzip program as they are just .tar.gz format. They then contain folders for home directory files, sql files etc. etc. As far as a good way to use those it cPanel does include an API to connect to cPanel. I believe you could then use this to fill in the form and ftp or scp them to an offsite location.

I'd use the cron as the way to offsite as a last resort. Your suggestion of remote connect and just do the files and db's works or using my suggestion with the api should also work. Both will require a bit of work and programming though.

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