Mars Hardware Maintenance [06/25/2008]


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Our Mars server currently has a failed backup battery unit on the raid card. This unit is used to make sure data is still written to the drives if there were to be power failure of some kind. As a result of this we believe it would be best to replace the failed battery unit as soon as possible.

The maintenance window will be from 3:00 AM EST until 5:00 AM EST (GMT-6) on Wednesday June 25th. We do not expect it to take anymore than 20 minutes to replace the bad battery. During the 20 minute window of replacing the battery the server will be offline as it is a requirement to replace the battery unit. We are sorry about the short notice on the window, however this must be done and we rather not leave the raid card without a battery for more than 24 hours.

Date: 06/25/2008

Start time (EST): 3:00am

End time (EST): 5:00am

Duration: 2 hours

Expected Down Time: 20 minutes

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