Robots.txt And Addon Domain


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I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular situation.

I have a root domain

Addon domain is (

I need to have a robots.txt file that will only allow permission to index the addon domain (

The main domain ( is used for personal files and server scripts. I do have a Scriptalicious wordPress install on the root

I've created a new site in a subfolder of site.

I want to give permission to the search engine bots to search this 'abc' folder and any others that I create on this sites site.

Where would I place the 'robots.txt' file..... Under the root or under the addon site

Again. I don't want the subfolders of the root domain with the exception of the WordPress install to be searched or indexed. Everything in all the addon domains are fair game for the search engines.

And, could somebody give me an example of what the contents of the robots.txt should be, other than 'Allow'?



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