Sphinx Search Engine?

el canadiano

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I was wondering if Sphinx Search Engine was installed at HawkHost servers (I'm considering buying perhaps a one-year plan here). Sphinx Search Engine is a database search engine that uses the machine directly to search for things in the database, thus providing massive speed/usability benefits for a forum software.


This isn't really a requirement for me, but it would definitely be a luxury. I also have another question. What's the difference in speed between the three datacentres? Anyways, I'd love to hear from staff/members alike.

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We do not have that installed on our servers right now. If you bought a VPS you'd be able to install it on there though.

As for the network, you can get information for each location here along with speedtests: http://www.hawkhost.com/network

The major difference between the three is just physical locations. People from Asia tend to get best speeds into Seattle, Europe is best into Washington DC, and Dallas is a solid location for North / Central / South America.

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