Upgrading Rails?


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Hi all,

According to I should be able to update the version of Rails that my account is using. However, I have looked at the Rails page and can't see how to do this.

I have no Ruby experience... I just throw my stuff together until it sticks. If anyone can tell me how to do this upgrade, I'd really appreciate it.


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You can upgrade the version of rails through the RubyGems installer in cPanel (type 'RubyGems' in the top left finder once you login).

I assume you're looking to upgrade to version 3.0, which right now is not compatible with mongrel which is used to server ruby.

Thanks Brian.

I actually needed to go to 2.3.5, with Rack 1.0.1. According to the installed gems page, Rack 1.0.1 was already there. As far as the version of Rails is concerned, I couldn't see it on the search page (I'm assuming the list is limited in length somehow, and there's so many things with the word 'Rails' in it that the list was finished before getting to Rails itself). I tried to get my hands dirty with gem on the CLI, but couldn't install the required version there, either. Instead, I'm just going to assume the difference between the required version (2.3.5) and the one I currently have (2.3.3) is not that important :)

Thanks for your help, nonetheless.

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You may be able to find a changelog to see what was updated, but generally speaking core functionality won't change in minor revisions like that so it should all be the same. If there are version specific bugs you'll be able to tell from some Googling / investigating based on any errors in your application.

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