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I log into my main cPanel account. There is a drop down window at the top that lists all of my client accounts. I can switch to some accounts and remain logged in to my main account still (*prefered*). I can return back to my main account just using the back button on my browser.

Yet other client accounts permanantly log me in and I cannot return to my main account without logging out of that account and then re-logging back into my main account.

What do I need to do to make all of my client accounts like the first senerio? Or better yet, is there a way to turn this feature on and off?

At this point, I own all of my clients, so it is convienient to be able to move between the cPanels. However, at some point in the very near future, I want to be able to have paid clients and I do not want such easy access (or none at all).

How do I control this?

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If you wish to login to other accounts instead of doing it via the cPanel drop down I would use WHM. Then you go list accounts and there is a cpanel button for each account which logs you into them.

Also this drop down obviously only exists when you are logged in as the reseller if you login to another account it does not exist.

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