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  1. bienthuy

    Memcached not work?

    Do you mean untick the memcached module? As you see in the images, currently i tick that and it doesn't work.
  2. bienthuy

    Memcached not work?

    I have been turn on cpanel I installed plugin: MemcacheD Is Your Friend I go to Tools/ Memcached and it show: WordPress Memcached Status No PHP Memcached or Memcache class present, this is really bad! When i create a info.php file with phpinfo(); inside and check, there is no memcached show up. Could you please help me?
  3. bienthuy

    Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    I have a problem with cloudflare too. Name server set to cloudflare dns and turn on cloudflare (orange icon) I point my site at to hawkhost shared IP (lax204) add my site to hawkhost of course I turn let enscrypt on ***/frontend/paper_lantern/security/tls_status/ I use htacess to redirect all (www, none-www, https://www) to https://mysite But it show redirect loop when cloudflare on (orange icon). It work fine if cloudflare off (grey icon) Could you please help me?