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  1. Thank you for your reply. But why SpamExperts has been activated automatically as soon as I went to see what it is? I think that this is not a good idea to start doing something without user confirmation. In statistics I see "Spam messages blocked 206", but how do I know that there is no important emails? I cannot find these messages in Spam quarantine. In quarantine I found only 5 emails.
  2. The Control Panel has two filters: Apache SpamAssassin and Professional Spam Filter (Spam Experts). Which one is better to avoid losing important emails?
  3. unno

    Cannot login to ticket system

    Unfortunately, username and password of client area is not work for helpdesk account. But I saw your response to my ticket (by email). Thank you very much, you are so kind!
  4. Even after I recover the password and tried to login again I see: "Invalid Username or Password". Could you please help? My ticket ID: ZAH-296-39563, but I cannot open my ticket.
  5. unno

    How to use TLS connection for POP3?

    Already tried with the same result. Probably the problem with the email client.
  6. unno

    How to use TLS connection for POP3?

    Yes, I use shared web hosting. I also use "The Bat" email client https://www.ritlabs.com/en/products/thebat/index.php All settings are made according to the instructions that found in the control panel.
  7. Currently I use POP3 with regular connection (port 110). Tried to use with secure TLS connection (port 995), but got an error: How to fix it?