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  1. Thanks Tony, that would make sense. I'll give that a shot when I get in later tonight. Thanks mate
  2. Hi guys, I've been with hawk host for a few years now, I came onto the forums for some technical help (script related, not server) and just happened to stumble along this thread. I noticed that Phineas had his question answered quickly, but what impressed me was that it was answered by the CEO! As a business owner myself I really appreciate this, I love it when I see a CEO actually doing some customer facing work instead of just hiding away somewhere. I just came for some MySQL help and ended up with yet another reason to love my host. Keep it up Tony! Oh and Phineas, for what its worth from an actual user. I have installed and removed more Wordpress sites and plugins than I could possibly remember over my time with Hawk Host, both via FTP and Softaculous. I've never had a single issue that wasn't caused by me playing with code. I can't speak for IPBoard, but I've used some of the other popular ones just to play around with and had no issues.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm having a small issue, I'm pretty sure I'm just missing something so I didn't want to make a ticket and bother the support staff I'm trying to install Polr, a url shortener on one of my development sites (here's a link to Polr: ) It all seems straight forward enough, I went to cpanel and made sure that mysqli, mcrypt, mysqlnd were checked in my php extensions. Saved everything and tried to load the script and I'm getting the below error. I'm sure i've just missed and extra extension or something, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the quick help guys! Glad to know I should be able to get onto support at any time, that's a nice weight off my shoulders should anything go wrong. Keep up the good work
  5. Hello, I'm a new customer and so far I have greatly enjoyed the service. I have not had any issues and the staff I dealt with when migrating my websites over were all friendly and helpful. I really hope I won't run into any problem's I can't fix by myself, but I'm the kind of person that like's to be prepared. I had a look around but I couldn't, see it anywhere. I was just wondering, what hours are the support staff most active and what time zone do they work in mostly? As I'm in Australia this information, especially the time zone, would be a great help if I ever ran in to trouble. Thank's in advance.