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  1. Anyone know if this is available? i'm looking for shared hosting (cheap ) that allows add-on domains (i.e. 1 shared hosting account that i can host multiple domains). however, i want to assign different ip addresses to each add-on domain (i know that this will be additional cost and i will be willing to pay for the ip addresses). thanks for your time.
  2. Many people say that if you want a fast server, you need to pay a lot. I don't see why this has to be the case. A webhost that is picky about what sites they allow can be cheap and still have quality. If they don't oversell and they don't allow clients that run bandwidth hogging websites. What do you think? Do you know any webhosts that manage their servers especially well to keep bad sites from ruining the rest of the sites on the servers?
  3. I wonder if this is possible. I want to set up an rss feed to drop news articles into my wordpress site as posts. then I wold like to feed them to facebook and twitter as links. the user would click the link which would allow me to drop a pop-up or Pop-under advertisement before sending them on via redirect to the originally published article. Does this make any kind of sense. Basically I want to be able to display advertisements of my choice to viewers on their way to the articles they want to read.
  4. hi guys! im looking for a way to make a site full of banner ads. i should be able to easily add/remove banners from the admin panel. how can i do this ? i checked so many scripts on google and im not satisfied with those scripts because its not displaying banners in the index page. its just a banner management system that gives us a code to add in our page. actually im looking for script that will automatically display our ad in our index page when when we add a banner from the banner admin panel. i just want to make a banner listing site. Regards
  5. I have a website on EKM Powershop and i recently tried to change the navigation so its like a tree navigation. Unfortunately when i figured out how to change the navigation, it went underneath my flash banner which is in the middle of the page. Someone i know thinks it has something to do with the Z-Index, which puts it at the front of everything? Do anyone know how to resolve this??
  6. Hi,i am having a problem with adsense adverts showing in differant locations in IE but fine in Firefox the site is a new one Disposable Email and we only added the adverts yesterday i should have double checked before but i cannot fathom out why they are showing way down the bottom of the site rather than in the proper location.The rest of the site shows exactly as it should do but i cannot work out why so can anyone advice me on what is wrong and how to rectify this problem please. Thanks
  7. Hello, I have a forum and currently i am using share hosting which allow 25% CPU USAGE . i would like to know is there any cloud hosting which can give me cheap cloud hosting rates like this 30 GB WEBSPACE 400 GB BANDWIDTH I can not afford server or vps and so far i check on google there is no website that is giving share cloud hosting that much and with cheap amount like $60 per annum . so i am making this thread may be someone could help me in this .
  8. Hi, Does anyone know of any good Hosting service that can host multiple domain with basic hosting service. I mean I have a account with Godaddy, but that require you to upgrade your hosting account in order to host multiple sites. I was wondering if there is a good hosting service that offers it without upgrading to expensive plan? Thanks
  9. There is a bug in the current release of JQZOOM. If you click the thumbnails to do the image swap, it works, but if you click the thumbnail of the image that is already loaded, the loading screen pops up and nothing else happens. Anyone know how to fix this? Please PM me if you do, thanks!
  10. Hi, I did Google search to add tags all all I was getting was old vb 3 format solution. They says look for this code, and I can't find that code in vB4. So, does anyone know how to add <h1><h2> tags in vbullein 4.1.3? Thanks
  11. I am looking to advertise various affiliate banners on my website. So i want to add 5-6 banners from various companies on same place. When user goes on another page banners will be changed randomly. when user click on it they will be redirected to original website. Pls. tell me code and process for this.
  12. When I try to create a link of an image on a web page, so site visitors can click it to return to the home page, it always creates a new web session of the home page, instead of just going right to the page like my faq page text link. I've tried with http:// etc. and just www. etc. but both open up a new web session of the home page. Can you help me get it right? Thanks
  13. Hi there, I am desperately trying to find the code for the hover ads that appear at the bottom of the page. they are not intrusive and really effective. i have found one code in the net that does not work.
  14. hi I'm wondering if there are any design rules or recommendations about combining single column and multiple column layout on the same page? Actually in this case I'm referring to a column for a skyscraper. Rather than having white space where the skyscraper is not we'll use a different section of this page to occupy the width of the page. Any comments please. thanks
  15. Hello, I need to know is this website a template or is it coded from scratch. Also if it is a template where can I get one at? If it is coded from scratch then what is the main language used? Thanks for your help.