trying to redirect Via htaccess


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Im trying to redirect 301 hundreds of error url under some category to my homepage except certain url to 410 Gone                                                        >>>> should be 301                                                        >>>> should be 301   >>>redirect 410                >>>redirect 410

I found the htaccess code after browsing in internet

redirectMatch 301 ^/Iklan/(.+)$

But it redirect url marked as 410 to  (it creates two redirect , 301 and then 410)

And some of them are 404 ( the url above is just sample, theres hundreds of them) suspecting there's upper case or different char but im not sure

I have weak eyes and i cant tell which on of the letter is using upper case

Can anyone help me?


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On 9/30/2019 at 8:24 AM, berko said:


Your regular expression (above) matches the following:

^ -> means the start of the target, so the matches will have nothing before /iklan/. Something like /abc/iklan/ will not match.
( ) is for grouping, but that is not used here, so those are redundant
.+ -> means one or more of any character
$ -> means the end

In summary, this will match anything starting with /iklan/ followed by one or more characters.

It would appear that it is redirecting the URLs (the part before the ?'s) and preserving the query strings (the ? and what comes after).
That accounts for the 301's.
The 410's must arise from some other rule.


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