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After searching for a new host for days I read stellar reviews about HawkHost on WHT. I checked it out, ready to sign up as soon as I asked a few pre-sales questions. I logged onto the live chat, almost immediately got assigned to Cody Robertson. I asked my first question and idled for 12 minutes and 20 seconds waiting for a response which I didn't end up getting.

I jumped back in the queue and after 4 minutes I did not get assigned to anyone and was sent to a contact form which I filled out a couple of minutes ago. Seeing as I may not get a response to that, I thought I would ask here and check out the forums before totally giving up. I mean, if I can't get a response as a potential customer, what chance do I have getting a response for technical support?

1) Do you guys use cPanel or a custom solution?

2) Do you provide Boxtrapper?

3) I need to move relatively soon, do you do the migration for me?

4) What kind of down time can I expect?

5) What payment methods are available? (I forgot to ask this one).

I saw the blog post from the CEO saying he's going to take more time away from the site, which is fair enough and I can understand why. My parents owned a cafe in a high density tourist area and quickly learned they need to take time off for their own sanity. However, I think perhaps things aren't quite up to the standard you think they are. I'm not saying you need to be glued to the screen all day, but maybe something needs to be done?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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