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What I have:

  • A domain registered with some registrar, let's call it "R".
  • A domain hosted by Hawkhost (shared hosting), let's call it
    • The nameservers are and
  • I have a VPS hosted elsewhere which performs some related functions to this domain
    but isn't a website per se.

What I want to do:

  • Create a new subdomain for this domain, let's call it
  • Connect that subdomain name to the IP of the VPS.

The main question is: How do I do that?

I looked at the functions on my registrar's site, and there was something about "subdomain redirection",
but it said I need to use *their* nameservers instead of hawkhosts.   I'd rather not do that, in case,
as happened recently with my hosting being moved from DC to NY, the IP changed with it, and
hawkhost took care of that, resulting in no downtime.

I can add the subdomain in cpanel, but that's not really what I want since it would hosted elsewhere,
but maybe there is some fancy DNS editing I can do on top of it to make it work.

Any suggestions? (If not, where should I ask about this?)


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I found a very simple answer to my question:

In cPanel, I simply added an "A" record to my DNS zone file (I think that's the right terminology)
associating with the desired IP address.

I did not have create a whole (real) subdomain to do that.


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