Net Neutrality once again under threat in the USA


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In mid-December, the US Federal Communications Commission will hold a critical vote about
the rules for Net Neutrality - about whether ISPs (like Comcast, AT&T, and the like)
will be able to divide the internet into "fast" and "slow" lanes, or even censor sites
they don't like altogether.

These companies are madly trying to acquire content of their own (Comcast owns NBC,
AT&T is trying to merge with Time Warner to get hold of all its cable channels).
Think they don't want to favor their OWN content over everyone else's? ... Think again.

This is big threat to the type of small, independent sites hosted by Hawkhost,
such as blogs and small businesses.  That in turn threatens the business
of Hawkhost and other hosts of small sites, business at its core. 
If small sites are relegated to the slow lane, or cut off entirely,
there won't be as much reason to have them in the first place.

Everyone: join the battle to save the free internet which we all have grown to rely on: - call your Congressman and the FCC now!

Hawkhost: put notice about this in your blog and Twitter feeds.

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