Initial Hosting Experiences

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I'd like to offer some feedback on my initial experiences.

I have never until now transferred hosting before. While my web site is trivial, I was concerned about email and downtime for that. Pre-sales were really helpful and answered questions quickly and more accurately than other companies.

With the transfer, they managed to transfer all the information from my old cpanel based account to the new system. The downtime was minimal and HawkHost were helpful in advising how to minimise the downtime.

The only hiccup was in the transfer of a particular gallery application. However with patient assistance we finally found a working solution which I fed back to support for future reference.

I also found that when I asked some fairly detailed questions on email configuration with spam assassin versus spamexperts and how best to get the latter working I was very impressed by the technical support (and even getting a response from Tony!). SpamExperts seems to be vastly better than SpamAssassin and I am now getting much less spam which was one of my main reasons for moving.

The extensive two factor authentication is excellent and it integrates perfectly with FreeOTP (which I can highly recommend).




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