Feature Request for Spam Experts


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I know Spam Experts is 3rd Party Software, but maybe you can pass this along to them.

It's a small enhancement to make it a little more convenient to use.

See the attached image.
The upper circle shows the Select-All/Deselect-All buttons.

My suggestion is to put a SECOND SET of those where the
lower, empty circle is.

Reason: when there is a long list of messages, to reach the bottom where the Action selector is,
you need to scroll and the upper Select-All button scrolls off the screen.
If you forgot to click it before doing the scrolling and you want to use it,
you have to scroll back up, and then back down to perform the Action.

If there was a second set near the bottom, that wouldn't be necessary.

Needless to say, this is not a big deal, but it's a small enhancement that would
make deleting your spam messages easier and more convenient when you
don't want to use the "Empty Quarantine" function for whatever reason.



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