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VPS Servers be Screamin!

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So the non-profit I'm working with had an old site on a GoDaddy shared plan, that was just hobbling along with 1 minute per page load times.  Uggggh...I took over made a few initial improvements on GoDaddy, such as adding a Wordpress Cache plugin, etc.  To speed things up, got page load times under 10 seconds.  Then made a recommendation to get it off of GoDaddy and for extra growing room, let's consider a VPS.  Of course with my favorite hosting guys at HawkHost.


Got the server created, got the site moved, etc.  My first load was already feeling a bit faster than GoDaddy...

But wait, I didn't even activate the Cache Plugin for Wordpress yet....DAYUM!

Very cool Hawkhost, very cool :-)

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