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Pro Tip: Don't change Registrar contact information except email when transferring a domain name

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Yup, just had this one happen.  Wanted to clean up some old ownership information on a domain name I wanted to bring into Hawkhost (it had an older address, person not with our group, etc.), before transfer.  What I didn't realize is that ICANN mandates a 60 day "Hold" against transfer on a domain once all that information is transferred.  Ergo when I put the transfer order in, the current registrar (GoDaddy in this case) rejected the transfer.

Of course it isn't HawkHost's fault, probably not really GoDaddy's either, ICANN sets these rules.  But alas my domain transfer in will have to wait for mid August.  Annoying but what can you do?

Planning ahead for next time, you can change email addresses if you need a current email address for all the admin contact emails that will be heading in your direction, but that is all.  So if you want to clean up registrant information and transfer a domain, it's likely cleaner to transfer the domain, changing only the email if needed, then change the rest of the registrant's information once the domain is in its new registrar..

Live and learn.

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