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I have two websites, which had been hosted at Hostgator starting in 2006 and 2012.
For most of that time, everything there was fine.

The second one launched right around the time of the (disastrous - for customers)
EIG buyout, but at that time I had never heard of EIG and knew nothing  about the buyout.

For a while after that, things continued okay, as the old infrastructure remained in place.  
Eventually, I was "upgraded" to the EIG data center, and both the support and performance started to suffer.
There were several big outages, and quite often database operations would fail, reflecting overloaded servers.

In June, 2015 I decided enough was enough and, after reading some of the comments on Webhostingtalk,
went with a fantastic deal on Stablehost.  Surely, the support there was much better, but there were some
issues that just never quite got resolved.

In July, 2015, I decided to give Hawkhost a try with the other site.
Things went well with that and in August, I moved the first one over as well.

Six months later, I could not be more pleased with that decision.
Hawkhost's Shared Hosting and service is about as close to perfect as is possible.

  • Uptime: between the two sites, there has been maybe 20 or 30 minutes of downtime in the course of these six months.
  • Speed: pages load very quickly and there is no annoying cache getting in the way of seeing recent updates.
    Database-query-based responses are incredibly fast.
  • Support: responses are prompt, and usually solve the problem quickly.
    In fact, there have not been more than a few minor issues.
    On occasion it does take a little convincing that a problem is not in my code, but in the server software.

    One case was especially impressive:
    I came across a problem with Server Side includes, which proved to be a Litespeed bug.  
    Incredibly, this was reported and fixed within FOUR DAYS (including a weekend).  
    It might have taken Hostgator much longer than that just to issue a canned "not our problem" response, 
    never mind reporting it to the vendor and getting it fixed (at all).
  • Price: doesn't match the WHT special price I got at Stablehost, 
    but is way, way lower than Hostgator's now overpriced inferior product.

Overall, on all those important criteria: Uptime, Performance, Support, and Price,
Hawkhost deserves an "A" or "A+" or 4- or 5- stars.

Keep up the good work and high standards!

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I started monitoring the uptime using monitors at in October, 2015.
Since then, for my two sites, which are on different servers in different locations, the numbers are:

  • First site: 6456 hours UP, 1.8 hours Down
  • Second site: 6457 hours UP, 1 minute Down

That's a pretty good track record. 
Except for one outage on one of the sites which lasted 1:40, it is essentially 100% uptime.

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It's now a year since my original post here, and I am updating it to say the good ship HawkHost is still sailing along smoothly.
Recently, I recommended HawkHost to a friend of mine, and he set up a website which has been working fine, too.
I have two myself, and the three of them are all in different data centers (Washington, Dallas, and LA), meaning that
the service is uniformly of high quality across all three.

The only problems I have had in recent months were a few brief outages, totalling a most a few hours in the course of a  year.

Keep up the good work guys!


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