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When writing a ticket or a forum post, it would be useful to have a preview function available so that you could see how what wrote will turn out. 

It doesn't always look exactly like what you typed, and that could make a difference in some cases.  It's also easier to proof-read a post for mistakes if it's in a different format from what was typed.

Recent example: I wrote a ticket about SSI problems, and for examples I put some of those commands in the ticket ... but since they are actually HTML comments, they disappear when the ticket is displayed.


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This evening, I was adding an update to a ticket, and I noticed what appeared to be a new editor including a  Preview function.

I thought, oh great! they did it!  but alas my hopes were dashed as it didn't quite work as expected.

Specifically, I selected some text, and clicked the "I" button (for italics), which added _'s before and after the text.
And when I clicked Preview, sure enough, that text was in italics.

Then I clicked "Submit", and when the update showed up, ... no italics, but there were the _'s around the 'italicized' text.

Let me try doing italics here and see if it works (there is no preview button, so I'll just let fly)?

Is this text in italics ... or not? (It does show up in italics during the edit. (this part is back to regular))

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