Paper Lantern spreading to Hawk Host - Burn it!


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Yes, I know this is a Cpanel issue, but I need to vent.

Before coming to Hawkhost, I had a site briefly hosted at Stablehost,
where they "imposed" the "new modern" Paper Lantern Cpanel theme
by default.

I did not find it "slick and modern", I found it horrible beyond belief.

Details of my rant are here:

In migrating to Hawkhost, it was a great relief to meet up again with my old friend, X3.

But alas, Paper Lantern is now coming here too. Sigh.

The "Retro" variation of it is not *too* bad ... but not as compact
as X3 and the "softer" icons blend into the background more.
I hope they don't get rid of that ... I see where they added it
after the initial release of Paper Lantern (which kind of stupid name
is that anyway?); probably there were howls of protest over
the incredible waste of screen space and "cute" (as in pleasing
to kindergarteners) icons the Basic variant uses.

I also tried out some of the RVSkins to see what they offer.
One thing they allow for is a whole TWO different monitor sizes.
Which brings them right up to date with 1998 or something,
since those two sizes are 800x600 and (wow!) 1024x768.

Hello! A typical monitor these days is 1920x1080!

And why don't they automatically adapt to the width or height of
your window anyway? Is that beyond the skills of their programmers?

Well, it seems this is coming whether I like it or not -- and I don't.

But as I said, I just needed to vent.
Maybe someone here can raise a voice with the (seemingly
out-of-touch) people at Cpanel to fix this monstrosity.


And why is that when I type here, the text gets


spaced.  But when I paste paragraphs (as above - I hope - there is no preview function)

it doesn't?



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