PHPBB3 e-mail notification issue


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I realise this isn't necessarily the place to ask about this, but finding an answer has so far eluded me.


I have phpBB installed on my domain at . It isn't the first forum script I've had issues with getting the e-mail notification working on (I have SMF installed elsewhere on my domain and it, as well, will not send the appropriate e-mail notifications no matter what settings I try), and was wondering if I could find some sort of help here. No harm in trying, is there?


summary of image attached:

Enable board-wide e-mails set as 'yes'

E-mail function name is 'mail'

E-mail package size is '0', have also tried it as the default '20'

SMTP settings as 'no'


Registration of a new member is set to user-authentication, meaning they should receive an e-mail with an authentication URL. When signing up, this e-mail is never received (and doesn't appear in spam folders).


Posts of a new thread in a subscribed forum, as well as posts to a subscribed thread in any forum will not result in an e-mail, despite the settings stating that it should.


Similarly, an error does not show up on the error log stating an error in regards to sending e-mails, either through reply notifications or new member authentication.


queue.php.lock file has been deleted


I'm not sure what else to try to get e-mail notification to work. Has anyone here been able to do so?


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No errors at all in the error log, e-mail related or otherwise. I checked with multiple attempts both with sign-ups, as well as thread response notifications on both a fantastico install and a manual install. I almost wish there was so I would have something to work from or at least google.

Searching the phpbb site comes up with no fixes despite the amount of times the issue has come up.

Anything else I should check that I might have missed? It almost feels like since it's a problem across multiple scripts there's something common to all of the forum software I'm missing.

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