which datacenter fast?


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i want build english site,which datacenter fast?

If your site is not geographically specific (or, not aimed at a particular city, state, country, underground bunker, etc.), try the Dallas datacenter.  Probably the most "balanced" speed wise with decent speeds to just about everywhere.  If your site is more location specific, ping test everyone from that location and make your own call.


On another note, how sad is it I'm confusing the "report this thread" option with the "reply" option, mods please disregard :-p

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You can check out your connection speed to each data center there.  This will tell you which is fastest for you.


You should consider your website visitors location too.  

For example if you expect your visitors will be mostly from Europe,  the Amterdam data centre would be the fastest for them as the server will be more local.

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