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Depends on a few factors, your registrar (I've noticed the Bigguys like GoDaddy and NameCheap propogate pretty fast, often 30 minutes).  Also the target ISP (Bigger ISP's like Comcast typically update their DNS cache's quick, others take some time).  In any event, I've noticed that the great bulk of DNS Servers refresh their changes within 2 hours, and nobody was complaining after 24 hours.  Most providers say wait 2 weeks, but that must be for the guy in Alaska with his Carrier Pigeon Internet.


As far as downtime goes, anyone whose DNS hasn't propogated will see the old site yet, if you're moving sites it might be advisable to keep the site up at the old host for a little bit of time.  Also email would be going to the old host as well.  There won't be any downtime per se if you plan it right and keep both sides running for a few days.

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