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Hi there

I've been with you guys for a while now and so far I'm pretty happy with it all.

One thing has been bothering me for a while tho. I often need to create or edit .htaccess files but they don't seem to appear in the file manager in cpanel. I've never encountered this happening before with other hosts.

Now I know I can (and I do) create them on my pc and then upload them via ftp but this is often a real pain, especially if it's just a tweak or whatever. It also means I have to use my ftp program every time just to find out which folders do and dont already have one in them so I don't accidentally override whats in the existing .htaccess files.

Anyway, is there a setting that I've missed that would allow hidden files or at least .htaccess to be shown in the File Manager???


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When you first bring up the file manager it asks you if you want to view hidden files, if you don't check the box it wont display a file beginning with a . (unix version of hidden)

If you don't get that box, you may have selected the skip this dialog option in the past so it doesn't popup anymore.

On my cPanel at the bottom there is a link that says "reset all interface settings" If I click that and then click the file manager, it asks me if I want to view hidden files, just put a check mark in there and you should be good..

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