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Hello everyone, i'm looking to build my portfolio but also give back to the HawkHost Community so I figured I would do an exclusive free website design here. However there are a couple of rules and regulations i'll list them below.


1.) You must be a current customer of

2.) You must agree to write a review of the services I provided you.

3.) You agree that the website design I do for you will be displayed on my portfolio.

4.) You agree to not sell/modify/redistribute the work I do for you without prior consent.

5.) You agree that I may post all progress on this design on this thread to update others on the design.

6.) Add a small image or a text link to my website (Exceptions can be made)

What you will receive:

1.) HTML/CSS website design

2.) Logo (If required)

3.) Up too 3 pages coded for your convenience (EX: Homepage, About, Pricing).

Please PM me with your website and what you would want done, this ends August 13, 2012 [extended] and that's when I will pick a winner (you must reply within 48 hours if I PM you saying you are the winner, if you don't I will be forced to pick someone else). I will post all of the progress on this forum so you guys can keep updated. If this becomes a success I will continue to do free designs exclusively on the HawkHost Forums! :)

Best of luck to everyone that enters!

Please keep in mind, I will not do WordPress, any kind of e-commerce, forum software or Blesta integrations with this (if you require a integration that is not listed I will look into doing this, keep in mind everything I do for you will be free)

*I am in no way affiliated with HawkHost, INC. I am just doing this to provide HawkHost customers with a great opportunity!*

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I guess I missed out on this.

We kind of need a new cover page (splash page / enter page). Ours is simple, but not exactly complient with full html / css standards. And we've been thinking of changing the logo.

That's the page we have now.

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