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I'm new to the whole domain/subdomain thing and I need help. My website is What happens is that after I create the subdomain my home page shows up. The only way to see the page thats in the directory I made for the site is if I put

To be honest I have no idea what or where the public_html folder is as I was only a subdomain myself. Are there any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

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Once you add the subdomain (we'll use "subby" as an example, so "") it will create a folder named "subby" within your main websites "public_html" folder.

Now the "public_html" folder is where all of the files for your website gets placed (html, php, etc) - login using the FTP information you received upon signing up and you'll see the folder (alternatively you can use the "www" folder, which ultimately is just a shortcut to "public_html").

Now the stuff you want displayed for your subdomain simply put it in the newly created directory.

**WARNING** I realize this was a very confusing and poor explanation, if you would like further help don't hesitate to submit a ticket and we'll assist you further.

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