Seriously considering Hawk Host - A quick question first


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I've gone through 2 days of hell looking for a decent hosting package for a client of mine, and I'm quite pleased to see an active community with Hawk Host. You guys are on Softlayer and you use Litespeed... two things that work in your favour... and on top of it, in researching you I found out you're a Canadian company... which is equally epic as both myself and my client are Canadian (and from Ontario no less... you guys are Ontarian, right?). I also can't find a single bad review for your hosting despite the fact that you host over 31,000 sites according to .... that's pretty impressive.

So on to the question, as I'm pretty much sold that you're the company I want to deal with.

The site I'm hoping to move to Hawk Host currently has the following average monthly stats:

- 459 thousand page views

- 116 thousand visits

- 1 million "get" requests

- 25 gigabytes of transfer

We're expecting growth one we've moved, as we're designing a shiny new site, and our current host is riddled with downtime. I expect that within one year of launch, we may in fact end up at 50gb of transfer in a month if not more. The website itself may be fairly query intense, as it's going to be a quite heavily crosslinked Wordpress build.

That all said, what package would you recommend, and how easily can we scale up to something more robust if our growth gets out of hand? From the look of it, your shared hosting should do, but I want to make sure because I'm concerned that moving to VPS after the fact might be a pain.

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I emailed sales regarding this thread. They assured me a representative would contact me today. I won't be entirely convinced I require a VPS package until I hear it from Host Hawk themselves ;)

After all, the shared hosting claims to be able to handle much more monthly traffic than I require.

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