I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to hawkhost!

Matt m6ceb

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I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to hawkhost for sorting out my 301 redirect!

I am autistic and really struggle understanding things and was having major problems getting my head around a 301 redirect!

I contacted hawkhost for assistance and they spent a lot of time moving files and creating a flawless redirect of one of my sites m6ceb.co.uk now m6ceb.com :)

They were so polite and helpful and Vince was amazing! I really dont know what i would do without hawkhost they are amazing, I have been with them for 10 months now and i will continue with them for as long as they are in business hopefully for ever!

Thanks again hawkhost and i can't thank you enough!

Warmest Regards

Matthew Bamber

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I have now been with HawkHost for 3 years (ish) and have hosted many sites with them,


I have to say that the service and support you get from them is on another planet to other hosts out there! I have had a few problems (my fault) and HawkHost have gone out of there way to help me and answer the tickets very quickly!


I say if you are looking for a cheap but amazing hosting company, look no further as you have now found it!!


My new site Matt Web Services has 5 mysql databases! With most hosts you are only able to use 1!


Thank you HawkHost! You ROCK! Great Service, Great Team! Great Hosts...

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