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  1. Matt m6ceb

    Free PageRank 3 Web Directory Submission

    Submitted! Thanks very much! Great site!
  2. Matt m6ceb

    Help with your New Website!

    Hi Everyone! I have been a customer of HawkHost for many years now and to celebrate I am giving away loads of Premium Wordpress Themes and eBooks! You can see what is included by visiting my >>>>Overview Page<<<< Thanks everyone and a HUGE thanks to HawkHost for being awesome! Matt! Matt Web Services
  3. Matt m6ceb

    I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to hawkhost!

    I have now been with HawkHost for 3 years (ish) and have hosted many sites with them, I have to say that the service and support you get from them is on another planet to other hosts out there! I have had a few problems (my fault) and HawkHost have gone out of there way to help me and answer the tickets very quickly! I say if you are looking for a cheap but amazing hosting company, look no further as you have now found it!! My new site Matt Web Services has 5 mysql databases! With most hosts you are only able to use 1! Thank you HawkHost! You ROCK! Great Service, Great Team! Great Hosts...
  4. Hi, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to hawkhost for sorting out my 301 redirect! I am autistic and really struggle understanding things and was having major problems getting my head around a 301 redirect! I contacted hawkhost for assistance and they spent a lot of time moving files and creating a flawless redirect of one of my sites now They were so polite and helpful and Vince was amazing! I really dont know what i would do without hawkhost they are amazing, I have been with them for 10 months now and i will continue with them for as long as they are in business hopefully for ever! Thanks again hawkhost and i can't thank you enough! Warmest Regards Matthew Bamber
  5. Matt m6ceb

    Frontpage Testimonials

    Hi Cody, I have sent a Testimonial for your site to sales but here it is if you need it I have had several web hosts in my time and I had always noticed one of the websites I visited quite frequently loaded very fast so I looked to see who was hosting the site and it was hawk host. I did a lot of research into this company and was very pleased with the results. Since I have been with hawk host I have had no downtime, my pages load very fast and the support is second to none! You can pay in lots of different ways and the price is amazing, I don’t know how they do it for this price. They even set up my website for me, my site was up and running from my old host to hawk host in 3 hours! Go with this host you will not be disappointed. Matt Matt Web Services thanks very much hope this is ok Matt
  6. Matt m6ceb

    2 week review :)

    Hi everyone, Heres the deal :-) I started my site back in 2009 with and was ok until my site got popular then it ran so so slowly so i then looked for a new host and went with justhost. they were great if you didnt want people to view your site in peak times! what a joke! so I left them after just 2 weeks! I visited my friends site and checked on whois where it was hosted and it was hawkhost so decided to give these a try. This was the best desision i could ever make I have only been with them for 2 weeks and I have to say it is fantastic It is really really quick all the time view my site now it runs really fast and is always like this (yes even in peak times!) the support is second to none and the staff are really helpful! they even transfered my site for free and you can pay month by month, thats never a bad thing! I am a totally happy customer and i will write great reviews all over the net. Keep up the great work hawkhost! Matt.
  7. My site runs great with hawkhost!! I was with justhost and they were rubbish moving here was the best thing i ever did!! very happy hawkhost customer! Matt