3 hour review!

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Oh my god!

That's all I have to say.

You guys are amazing.

I went through 4 web hosting companies, they kept blaming my website and that it wasn't optimized and thats why my forums took 5-10 seconds to load.

They told me its normal for a website to load in 10 seconds!!!!!

Anyways, all my users love your servers and I will send more people over to your direction!

I moved the same exact website, same files, exact same configurations!

Get this, LP had their website in Irvine,CA, which is close to me, and this new host is located in Dallas!

The different is 5 seconds quicker?

I run a competitive gaming community and I need to have a competitive website that loads fast in order for my community to stay respectable.

I like your idea that you guys limit bandwidth cap and storage space, less opportunity for someone to abuse the system.

You guys are just freaking awesome!

Owner of


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