2 week review :)

Matt m6ceb

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Hi everyone,

Heres the deal :-) I started my site http://www.m6ceb.co.uk back in 2009 with one.com and was ok until my site got popular then it ran so so slowly so i then looked for a new host and went with justhost. they were great if you didnt want people to view your site in peak times! what a joke! so I left them after just 2 weeks! I visited my friends site and checked on whois where it was hosted and it was hawkhost so decided to give these a try.

This was the best desision i could ever make I have only been with them for 2 weeks and I have to say it is fantastic It is really really quick all the time view my site now it runs really fast and is always like this (yes even in peak times!) the support is second to none and the staff are really helpful! they even transfered my site for free and you can pay month by month, thats never a bad thing! I am a totally happy customer and i will write great reviews all over the net.

Keep up the great work hawkhost!


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