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  1. What about is Hongkong datacenter now?
  2. Dear Tony, Can you guide me step by step? I have not worked on CPanel until now, so I do not have any experience, Thanks for your support me.
  3. Hello, This is my first time using the Hawk Host Shared Host. Previously I used the service of GoDaddy. I'm receive email notifications from WordPress installed on the GoDaddy host. But since I use Hawk Host's service, I do not receive any emails under my domain anymore, which I previously received at GoDaddy. I have bought Office 365 to use, I tried to install it but it does not work. I managed DNS on Cloudflare, and I followed the instructions from the Microsoft support team but it still does not work. I want the support team or someone to instruct me to set up an email on the Shared Host so that I can receive regular email as a previous service from Godaddy. Sorry for my English, it doesn't good. In a nutshell, I would like to install Office 365 domain email to Hawk Host (Shared Host) service, how do I do it. I'm currently managing DNS through Cloudflare. Thanks, and have a nice day.