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  1. Purba Kuncara

    Frequently RTO on Typhoon

    Since Apr, 05 2012 all account on my reseller hosting "wowdesai" on typhoon server frequently RTO and database not connected. You can check on my ticket XSG-895943. I have update my ticket but until now no response from hawkhost.
  2. Purba Kuncara

    3 year HawkHost Customer review

    Glad to hear that you are satisfied with the service Hawkhost Hawkhost is a hosting service that is being reliable. Number 1 in the world
  3. I'm looking to http://hawkhost.com/specials and there is no coupon discount for reseller hosting I use coupon "r25percent" and it is invalid. Thank you
  4. Purba Kuncara

    cPanel Account Limit

    I have taken the reseller hosting"bronze". What the happens if i have made more than 50 cpanel account? Thank You
  5. Purba Kuncara

    Two Months In Review!

    Hawk Host is still the best hosting provider in this planet. Hawk Host offers affordable prices, helpful and realiable staff.