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  1. ElizArch

    how can i make a site full of banner ads ?

    Just an idea, have you tried maybe installing Wordpress? Wordpress has several plugins you can add from the plugins menu, and they do have various that will show ads as you mentioned. It's easier and more efficient to do it this way.
  2. Trying to get rid of a cold...refusing to enter the New Year sick...again.

  3. ElizArch

    Two Months In Review!

    I joined Hawk Host in late September and I have to say that the quality of service they bring is incredible. I started with shared hosting, and then decided to upgrade to a reseller. Downtime is hardly existant, and if there is downtime, they let you know about it. Hawk Host is not like other hosts that leave you in the dark. Hawk Host is a very caring and supportive company. Hawk Host offers affordable prices, helpful and realiable staff, and no waiting hours for a ticket reply. I plan on staying here quite some time. Thank you Hawk Host, you guys are really the best host I've had in the 10 years that I've had bounced from host to host. To think it took a decade to find my place. I'll be sure to review in more places so that others can see how amazing this company truly is. Thank you once again!