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  1. A couple of domains under the reseller account I co-admin can't save their zone files to ns1. The error is as follows: Configuring DNS...Bind reconfiguring on skyline using rndc Zone [removed].com has been successfully added Database error, unable to save [removed].com Could not store zonedata for [removed].com on ns1 ...Done This happens on two of the three domains we currently have set up; the other seems to be fine but I haven't edited anything there. Removing the domain/account associated with it doesn't fix the issue. A ticket has already been submitted, but I figured that I'd ask to see if anyone else is seeing this issue. From what I've read about the solution, solving the issue isn't under our (as a reseller with no root access) control. EDIT: This has been resolved, though I'm curious what switches needed flipping to get things working again.
  2. iansltx

    PHP 5.2 Continued Support

    As a web app dev who will be moving some (less demanding) clients to a reseller account soon...get rid of 5.2 and make 5.3 the default. There are a few things that 5.4 breaks to the point that it doesn't make sense for a web host to drop 5.3 support at this point...or make 5.4 the default...but 5.3 is widely used by customer apps (WordPress, Joomla, phpbb et al.) to the point that the costs of dropping 5.2 are outweighed by the benefits.