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  1. Resolved. Thanks, Tony
  2. Resolved. Thanks, Tony.
  3. Anyone know why I'm getting a 451 error from the HawkHost SMTP server? I have a ticket in, but it was "escalated" to admin but I've had no response ever since. Also some mail sent to my email address appears to be queued on exteral servers trying to be delivered to me, but they are getting the same 451 error. Is there anyway to light a fire under "admin" to look at ticket #HYX-204-63746?
  4. I would like to suggest that someone get back to me on ticket #HYX-204-63746. Karlos V. escalated it, but it seems to now just get ignored.
  5. My AdBlockPlus filter is blocking them based on the dimensions in the name. For example, the filter blocks anything with "_120x60." in it.
  6. I noticed the problems when they dropped EAS at the end of August. Joe doesn't seem to be involved any more, but there was no information forthcoming from them at all. If it is true that he sold the business, I hope he got paid well. He had a great operation, but now, not so much. My current contract was up for renewal in December, so I did some research and found you all. One month in, everything here seems great. Thanks.
  7. I am a HostPC refugee as well. After I got my "all signed up" email, I set up the google apps email settings in cpanel, and then switched everything at GoDaddy. I didn't have any delay in the email as google was being pointed to for MX the entire time, either by the hostpc nameservers or the hawkhost ones.