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  1. Thanks Cody - that fix was really quick!!!!
  2. Thanks Brian, much appreciated.
  3. Hi Has anyone managed to get selfoss running on shared hosting? When I install and run, I get this 500 Internal Server error: Internal Server Error Invalid routing pattern: GET / I followed the instructions on this page: Which says "apache config is wrong. Could be AllowOverride None which should beAllowOverride All" Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Pete
  4. Hi I have multiple domains setup through hawkhost and they are all working fine. However, I would like to make it so that my addon domains are not accessible from my main domain. My setup: -> public_html -> public_html/1staddondomain -> public_html/2ndaddondomain -> public_html/3rdaddondomain All are accessible through their respective .com addresses, which is normal. But, I can access my addon domains like this: which I don't want to be able to do. Is it possible to stop this? Thanks Max
  5. Thanks. Work blocks ports 2083 so this is perfect.