HawkHost is the best period.


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Well I have been a member of HawkHosting since 2009. At first it was made for my dads construction company, But as I opened my new gaming website I knew that HawkHost was the place to go. I have been to any host you could possibly name. And just recently changed to a reseller to even gain more! But overall my website needs to always be up and not gain errors while doing it and be up pretty much every minute! So HawkHost has become my best website friend! And us and HawkHost have sorta found a good relationship, As you may not know we help promote HawkHost on our team t-shirts etc.. I would of never even thought about doing that for any other host I'v been on.

Overall clanWRT will be on HawkHost until HawkHost kicks us out :)

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