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I am a developer (back before the days of the Internet). I work for large companies all over the world. I have to deal with different ISP's on a daily basis.

One of my clients is hosted with, lets call them "BH". I need SSH access. Their policies state that they need a photo ID in order to activate SSH. A little silly, but I sent them a copy anyway. I get a message back from them later telling me that I must provide a government-issued ID for the named account holder. Since the named account holder is the President of a multi-national corporation (who I have yet to meet), I am not inclined to bother him with something so trivial! After telling them so, the response was "if there was a way around it, we would be happy to help you". Sure, there is a way around it. Change your policy.

Hawk Host on the other hand, only wants to know whether you are experienced enough to work in a shell and won't be calling support every 5 minutes. I didn't time them, but I bet it took all of three minutes to set up.

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