Happy with the Reseller Package & Hawkhost service

Adrian Liem

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I'm a web developer from Indonesia who previously had hosted more than 100 cPanel accounts on other webhosting companies.

I've tried a lot of web hosting companies for the last 15+ years. from shared, from reseller package and VPS. mostly are pretty good, until when ultimately they came to a problem (from server crash, out of memory, DDOS, network not found problem, random downtimes, etc) that caused me to never going back to them again.

then I switched to Hawkhost in 2017.

competitive pricing, a very good product-solution & great customer support.

there are no webhosting without problems -- I have opened nearly 50 support tickets to date (each with tons of replies), but I have never came across a problem which the Hawkhost support team can't give solution to. most of the support tickets were answered in 1 hour or less. only in one occasion it took more than 3 hour.

I never have a problem with DDOS, no out of memory, no severe random downtimes, and Hawkhost's cPanel extra content is quite complete to my needs.

some of Indonesia's mobile ISP had network-not-found problem with some hosting companies, but apparently it's working very well with Hawkhost.

Hawkhost also installed cPanel package (like PEAR) when I need one.

the server are very stable. I once had an external server monitoring service running, checking one of the account, for more than 2 years, and I never had a noticeable downtime.

I have no constraints in using the reseller package accounts, like: I used to have an account that run very lightweight cron jobs, but with short-interval.

I have to whitelist my IP every time my IP changed & I need to access remote MySql, kinda annoying at the first time but I can accept & understand it's for security measures.

the most important things are the server flexibility, stability and speed -- and I have no complaints for these issues.

and the last thing on my support ticket recently was, I asked if my current reseller package (which had smaller storage, 2017) can be upgraded to the new reseller package details (which has larger storage specification for the same price, 2021) and Hawkhost happily changed my package detail, and I'm very delightful for that.

all I can say I'm more than pleased becoming Hawkhost's customer.

thanks to the Hawkhost team for the service so far, and I'm looking forward for another years to come with Hawkhost. will surely recommend Hawkhost to my peers.


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