Block a URL/path wild card in htaccess


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Does anyone know how to block a URL/path wild card in htaccess for a 403?

I have a path of /feed/ and would like to block it as such /feed/*

Reason I ask is that I disabled the RSS feed from my phpBB board and now Google et all are 404ing on the /feed path and they have yet to obey my robots. So I'd like to just 403 the path since it no longer exists so that I don't see the 404 in my phpBB ACP anymore. I can see 404s in the ACP using an extension for phpBB.


Should be relatively simple, but try as I might, three search engines I used didn't have the pertinent information I was looking for.  And I'm too lazy to pour through all of the Apache documentation for a simple piece of htaccess code.



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