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Sorry if this is in the wrong place (off topic seemed best place), but just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you have done for me recently.

You went above and beyond your call of duty and really helped me get my forums back up and on track.

Recently i had a problem with my old hosts and had to find another...QUICKLY. After searching the net for a good, well known company, that doesn't cost the earth, i came across your HawkHost (which rang a bell, as a friend reccomended you a while ago). So, having signed up, i then discovered that you don't install vbulletin for customers and that it was something i had to do myself :o Having very limited knowledge of installation etc, i was a tad releived when i was told that you could "assist" if i had any problems. Needless to say, i did run into problems :( So, i had to ask for help from support. Now i was expecting at least a few hours before i got a response, but to my surprise, i received a reply within 15 mins :o :o This wasn't just a one off fluke either, most, if not all my problems were answered within 30mins. Something i'm sure you'll agree is fantastic support. At no point did the support staff get "stroppy" with my lack of knowledge, they just plodded on and got my forums up and going and installed my backup for me.

So, if you're a potential customer, looking for a new host, don't keep looking, you've already found what you need - a reasonably priced host where customer service and support is second to none.

Thanks again to Tony, Victor, Brian, Fabian and Sam for all your help.

P.S Something i was pleasantly surprised with and that's the fact that the CEO (Tony) is still actively working with his company and hasn't just left it to others to do. Something that shows that he wants he business to work and shows his customers matter. A lot of other companies should take a leaf out of his book.

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